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Dining details
Source:Zambia Golden Peacock Hotel   Published:2012-12-29   To be read2250Secondary

  Chinese restaurant on the first floor

The hall can accommodate the number of tables: 20 tables Capacity: 200 Price: / table
Six boxes of the box in the gallery:
Golden Peacock Room Tables: 1 table persons: 16 Price:
Hibiscus Hall Tables: a table number: 14 Price:
Unicorn Tables: Table 2 Number :14-16 Price:
Peony table: a table number: 10 Price:
Molly Hall Tables: a table number: 10 price;
Zizhu Hall Tables: 1 table, 6-8 Price:
Western Restaurant:
Western Restaurant Capacity: 100 Price:
Convention Center: Ndola Hall Capacity: 100 Price: / hour
          Livingston Hall Capacity: 30 Price: / hour
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